Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures - Volbella

The lips are among the most interesting parts of the face, alluring and eye-catching in a way that few other facial features are. Plump, full lips are a sign of youth, but they are also one of the first features to show signs of aging. If your have lost volume over the years and now feature fine lines, Dr. Ghasri in Tarzana may recommend Volbella.

Volbella is an injectable hyaluronic acid-based filler. It is designed to smooth vertical lip creases, boost volume, and enhance lip contour and symmetry. The filler has a soft, smooth consistency that has a texture virtually identical to that of your natural lips. Tarzana skin doctor Dr. Ghasri can use this revolutionary treatment to:

  • Plump your lips for a fuller look
  • Accentuate the cupid’s bow and border of your lips
  • Soften vertical or smoker’s lines around the lips
  • Improve the look of marionette lines
  • Create a more youthful appearance

Dr. Ghasri in Tarzana can use this revolutionary filler to give you the lips you have always wanted. Because it contains lidocaine, the procedure is comfortable and easy for you. Volbella uses a special formulation and advanced technology designed to absorb less water. This means that you will have less swelling, but the results can last up to a year.

Many people who want to plump their lips also have other trouble spots. Volbella can be combined with a variety of other treatment options, including some types of laser treatments to resurface the skin, improve overall skin tone, and rejuvenate the appearance. You may also be able to combine it with other injectable treatments, as well.

The treatment can be completed in a single appointment and includes little to no swelling, allowing you to resume your normal daily activities right away. Results will be visible immediately, also. Some patients may have minor bruising at the injection site, but this is typically minimal and can be easily covered with makeup. Call our Tarzana offices today to find out more about Volbella or to schedule your appointment with our dermatologist, Dr. Ghasri.