Microneedling is a comfortable treatment that allows patients to achieve their best skin and get back to their busy schedules with minimal downtime. The simple procedure jumpstarts collagen production to restore healthy facial volume and revive a gaunt, fatigued appearance. It is the latest non-surgical, minimally invasive, skin rejuvenation therapy, and its results are fast and effective.

The treatment will tighten the skin and transform fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores into a smooth, glowing surface. If your skin looks dull, damaged, or aged, you are an excellent candidate for microneedling.  Patients with uneven skin tone, blemishes and acne scars, sun damage, and stretch marks can restore an even skin tone with microneedling. 

 If you are experiencing fine lines, acne scars, or large pores, Microneedling tightens and brightens skin for a long-lasting glow!

How does Microneedling work?

The Microneedling technique creates small punctures in the skin, which causes a controlled injury. These punctures trigger the body to naturally heal and fill the micro-wounds with Collagen and Elastin. Blood supply improves greatly as new capillaries form. Completing a series of Microneedling treatments within a designated timeframe will continue to activate the body’s repair process until desired results are achieved. Maintenance treatments will be required to repair new imperfections to the skin and maintain proper collagen and Elastin level.  With Microneedling, the new collagen and elastin production will reduce lines and wrinkles. The tone, texture, and overall firmness of the skin treated will also improve.

Large pores will minimize and the overall appearance of the skin will be healthy and smooth. Hyaluronic Acid is simultaneously applied to the skin during treatment to improve hydration and properly heal the skin. Microneedling can be used to treat areas on both the face and body.

The entire treatment is very tolerable and numbing cream is initially applied to make the procedure even more comfortable.  The downtime ranges from a day to a few days of redness.

What is Microneedling with PRP?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can be incorporated into your Microneedling treatment to dramatically enhance your results. PRP contains a high concentration of growth factors and aids in achieving optimal results. Growth factors boost the stimulation and production of collagen and elastin by your skin. You will find your results from each treatment to be more significant.

Platelet Rich Plasma is prepared by taking a sample of your blood and processing it through a centrifuge. The blood will be separated into a potent serum of platelets. This concentrate is a valuable source of healing, regenerative proteins. PRP will trigger the healthy function of your skin to deliver optimum regeneration.

Microneedling with PRP is also nicknamed the Vampire Facial, Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI).