Ultherapy Cost Los Angeles

Ultherapy is a new option for patients who want to improve the appearance of skin on their face. In addition to its simplicity and absence of requirements for preparation and recovery, Ultherapy is significantly more affordable than face lift surgery. However, the exact cost of this treatment can vary considerably depending on a few factors. Here is more about this treatment and what affects our Ultherapy cost in Los Angeles.

Ultherapy Compared to Face Lift

While face lift involves surgical alteration of the face with results that are revealed as the tissues heal, Ultherapy entails the precise use of ultrasound energy on sagging areas to activate collagen production beneath the skin that naturally improves appearance for months afterwards. It is completely non-invasive, and treatment takes just 60 to 90 minutes at the office of Dr. Ghasri.

Cost Factors

A number of factors can affect our Ultherapy cost in Los Angeles for individual patients. For example, total treatment costs depend on the extent of treatment ordered by the patient as treatment time changes. When patients order Ultherapy on the neck or other parts of the body in addition to the face, the price of treatment will increase. However, having more treatment performed in a single session may be more affordable depending on factors that Dr. Ghasri determines.

Candidates for Ultherapy

Ultherapy candidates are generally thirty years old or older with skin that is sagging due to aging. Because the procedure is non-invasive, a majority of patients with skin concerns are candidates. However, all patients should understand what Ultherapy can accomplish for them and recognize how it is different from face lift surgery and laser procedures. In some cases, patients may benefit from combining laser treatments with Ultherapy.

Before undergoing Ultherapy, patients can take over-the-counter pain medications to increase their comfort during the procedure. During treatment, Dr. Ghasri will apply ultrasound gel to the skin and use the handpiece to focus ultrasound energy in precise locations. Afterwards, patients can return to their normal routine immediately and wait for results to start appearing. A consultation with Dr. Ghasri, our skin doctor in Los Angeles, can be scheduled to learn more about how the cost of Ultherapy is determined.