Restylane® Treatments and Cost

For close to two decades, Restylane® has been in use as one of the most effective dermal fillers. It was predominantly used across Europe in facial surgeries that aimed to reduce signs of aging skin such as wrinkles and lines. The dermal filler has seen much success in the field of plastic surgery which led to its eventual approval by the FDA in December 2003. This opened up the United States market for the cosmetic treatment.

Restylane® remains one of the most preferred dermal injections solely because of its significantly lower price. A single injection of the cosmetic filler goes for about $275, making it very cost effective for people with tight budgets. An equal contributor to its massive success is its effectiveness in getting rid of facial lines and the ability to prolong the results.

Restylane Cost

Similar to other injectable fillers, Restylane® is sold by the syringe. Whereas the price of other fillers ranges between $650 and $800, Restylane® is sold at the much lower price range of between $275 and $700. The variance in the price is dictated by the physician carrying out the procedure and the location.

The procedure is relatively quick and painless as well. Restylane® is preferred not only because it is cheaper than other injectable fillers but also because the results last longer than those of other dermal fillers. This is attributed to its ability to draw and retain moisture within the skin.

The basic fundamentals that apply to these kinds of procedures apply to Restylane® dermal injections as well. For instance, the number of injections required during the whole procedure is largely determined by the individual needs of a particular patient. Therefore, the number of subsequent sessions is dictated by the needs of the patient. In the case of Restylane® the more follow-up sessions there are, the longer the effects of the dermal injection will last.

Financing Options for Restylane® Treatments

Restylane® treatments, falling within the category of cosmetic enhancements, are not covered within the normal healthcare insurance. It is still a costly procedure despite being one of the cheapest in the market and as such, payment can be tricky.

The first option perhaps is a mutual agreement with your physician on a payment plan that suits both of you. It could be done in installments every month or week depending on the time frame of the procedure.

Alternatively, you may seek the help of specialized companies that deal solely in financing these kinds of procedures. For instance, Compassionate Finance provides the service with an affordable payment plan if you feel like a one-off payment is simply beyond your reach. They cover procedures such as dental, visual, auditory, cosmetic and bariatric surgery. The registration takes only minutes and they have high approval rates so you stand a good chance of getting the cover you need.

Consult with Your Physician Before You Start the Procedure

If you have any questions pertaining either the treatment itself or the various modes of payment available, the physician concerned is in the best position to answer all of them. Restylane® financing is available and in a wide variety as well. Do not be worried about too much financial constrain because the dermal filler is the cheapest injectable filler you can lay your hands on. Although your physician is in a better position to give you this information, here are a few things you can expect from the treatment:

• A tighter skin with a smoother, more youthful appearance and fuller lips.
• The treatment does not interfere with your facial expressions whatsoever.
• The results are instantaneous and can last for up to a year.
• Unlike some dermal filler, the results that accompany Restylane® treatments appear more natural.
• Your safety is assured. Restylane® has undergone sufficient testing to see to it that you are not harmed in any way.

Restylane® looks to remain in the cosmetic market for a long time to come. If you are looking for excellent dermal injections without the traditionally costly rates, the answer lies in this highly effective dermal injection. The scope of the treatment envelopes the purging of lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and also the plumping of the lips for a fuller appearance. Have a chat with a dermatologist to find out exactly what you stand to benefit from it.