Cosmetic Dermatology Conditions - Broken Blood Vessels

Broken blood vessels are in most cases more of a cosmetic problem than one that requires any medical attention. Falls, bumps, and bangs all can lead to blood vessels rupturing which will leave behind a not so attractive bruise to the skin. Of course there are always those blood vessels that break due to aging of the skin, namely to the facial area, which tend to affect self confidence, and then there are those that occur deep inside the body usually unannounced.

Broken blood vessels occur directly under the outer most layer of transparent skin. Tiny blood vessels break do to trauma or injury, and can be dark in appearance or bright red and prominently visible under the skin. For the most part, broken blood vessels result in minor pain upon contact, and could go basically undetected if they were not so visually noticeable. These minor skin traumas can appear any where on the body, including the face and on the sclera of the eyes.

There are two types of broken blood vessels that occur under the skin. One type is the typical bruising which appears as a purplish welt, and the other is a blood spot which appears as a bright red spreading of cells under the skin. Each can result from trauma, while blood spots have a broader range of causes such as medications, malnutrition, and disease.